Spark Up - Various - Twice Upon A Yesterday (CD, Album)

Spark Up - Various - Twice Upon A Yesterday  (CD, Album)

GOOD: confident bass, instrumental separation, upper midrange detail, balanced output. Trichord Dino phono amplifier.

I currently write for national magazines in the subjects of business, music, hi-fi and general technology.

The audiolab output is 50w with maximum current delivery of 9 Amps into difficult loads. Should I be worried that it may lack some power for my speakers? Thanks ido and a good question. Firstly, if you can, seek a demo to find out. Sometimes, when an amp does a decent job but has to strain a bit to do it, you can hear that in the sound. Thx Paul. Budget can be stretched as needed. I would like to Spark Up - Various - Twice Upon A Yesterday (CD the a as a decent single piece that can connect between the Techincs GR and the MA Silver without being a serious bottleneck, while supporting also cd player and Bluetooth sources.

However, if it is, I can spend as much as twice but still prefer to manage with the less number of pieces as possible. Hi ido — thinking of your wallet for the moment, do you have an amp that could be used as a pre-amp? I do not have… I have the opportunity to demo the a with s, so I guess I should try that first. The thing is that previously I listened to these speakers with Marantz PM even a bit less powerful and I usually got the volume dial to make just a third of the way though as you say, I understand it is not just a matter of volume, but also confidence.

That said, I feel that the A offers a better balanced in terms of overall tonality. Hello, in case the 50w of the a are later found to be insufficient when I move to a larger room and speakerscan I use it in preamp mode, and add a power amp I see your recommendation for the edge-a for example in order to gain more power?

It is a great piece of equipment for the money I paid. I have matched the A with the N network streamer and speakers Monitor Audio Bronze 2 and it sounds amazing for me. Highly recommended if you are like me and do not have a lot of money for spending in hi-end equipment. I have just read your interesting review of the Audiolab A amp and I wanted to pick up on one comment you made, as extracted below:.

PS I always read reviews before I buy. Because the Quad 77 became the Quad 99 and then the Quad Elite. Is it now the basis for the Vena and Vena 2, and even the Audiolab A? The link below is Jan Ertner discussing the design of the A, and he says it is new from the ground up. I really enjoyed reading this review… and a lot of other reviews of yours. Thank you for those! Is Creek step up or they stand close?

Is Cyrus even in a same league with A? Thank you! Thanks for your kind comments, Vlad. Creek offers generally excellent products and has done for many years. The Cyrus One is also excellent — I have a review of it on my site here, have you seen that? I feel that the A scores because of the way it offers tonal balance bringing in bass as well as high frequencies but without damaging detail and clarity.

Thanks Paul! Yes, I did read your Cyrus One review. Price would be just a little above A. Did you have a chance to hear it? Beside its bigger power output, is it superior to A sound quality wise? Hi Vlad — The guy who created the A also designed the A — so it has a good pedigree. I have yet to review the A but I would be happy to take a chance if the deal is good. Hi Paul! Thanks for your kind words, Ulf.

I would plump for the A though because of its tonal balance and because it offers low frequency performance without skimping on midrange insight and detail. Thank you so much for the reply. Hi Paul Thanks for a great review. How to use HT bypass in this amp. How to use Subwoofer. It can handle 50 watts per channel ai 8 ohms, my room is sq feet. Is the power sufficient for my room?

Currently using Tannoy eclipse 2 floor stand speaker. Thanks in advance. Hi Goutom — yes, the A should be able to drive your floorstanders and provide enough power for your room. Let me double check — also I think you can probably use the subwoofer would you want to connect that to the A?

Thank you so much Paul for the reply. Another query arrived!! Hi Paul, Sorry for the late reply. What is your opinion? Separating the DAC will enhance sound quality further. First of all, do you find it a good upgrade? For example, I was literally shocked when I first listened to my 1 Xpression in comparison to my previous Pro-ject Essential 3A. Should I expect a similar level of an upgrade? My biggest concern regarding this amp is its wattage, which is a bit low.

Should I worry? Would it give decent signals as a decent pre-amp to a power-amp like Spark Up - Various - Twice Upon A Yesterday (CD Roksan K3 or an Audiolab XP? To be on the safe side regarding the power, should I go for a more powerful amp at this point, eg a Cambridge Audio CXA80 and a phono preamp?

Which one would perform better? Many thanks for your kind word AK. I would see the A as a good upgrade, yes. Floorstandars are often more efficient and easier to run, though and the three models you list should be ok. Hi Paul, thanks for your response. It depends on what you think is going to happen in your life over Album) next years, where you want to be and how you see your system developing.

Hi Paul and thanks for another excellent review. I intend to buy the audiolab A in order to get better sound. What standmount speakers would you recommend with this amp in the euro area? What do you think?

Your input and opinion would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much. To be used in a room as before, listening from the couch, not at the desk. Thank you. It depends how much volume, bass, etc you wanted but I think the Concepts should perform well. Many retailers will allow home demos for with payment of a deposit. Hello Paul and thank you very much for your suggestions.

And one more more thing. My listening room is approx 20X16 sq feet. Hi Ionut — yes, the Emits are recommended and they should work well with the A. Try and listen first, though. Your ears and expectations may be different to mine. In terms of clarity, low noise and detail. Your room should be fine with this set up. Check Stereoplanet in Cotroceni, they run discounts on these from time to time…kind of obnoxious though not very client oriented.

Hi Paul, great review. I think your readers with android 8 devices will experience better. Kind regs. Agreed, that is an issue for Apple. I was unable to use an Android phone but I did want to investigate the mechanics of Bluetooth on a phone. I was also able to compare and contrast my known device and the known Bluetooth sound quality from it with this amp and others so I hope that provided a semblance of comparison and at least a guide.

Hi Paul, how would you consider audiolab with regards to highs, warm bright or neutral? Pretty neutral Ionut — because of the increased tonal balance i. The actual highs remain informative and open. Hello Paul, I decided to postpone buying a new amp-the audiolab A- for the time being. Meanwhile I still have to upgrade replace my standmounters. Presently I have the monitor audio bronze 2 and they sound very bright and tonally unbalanced to my ears in combination with the Yamaha Rn receiver.

I listen to a lot of classic rock and this combination really sucks with this type of music. Since you reviewed the yamaha rn which speakers would better match this receiver that tends IMO to be also on the bright side like the MA Bronze 2??

The budget is still around euros or a max of pounds i guess. Would the Q Acoustics Concept 20 still be a good option with the rn? Any opinion suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Hi Ionut — I would look at the Yamaha — the probable source of the issue — rather than multiplying the error by buying overly warm speakers which will be no good when you upgrade to the A.

Hence, I would keep your cash, save your money and wait for the A. Thanks Paul. You recommended those to compliment the A anyway. Jazz instrumental even classical is ok tolerable but rock and blues really sucks. I have an RN paired with Concept 20s on their dedicated stands. Paul, could you possibly point me in the right direction? However, if I want to push the boat out a little further now or in the futurewould an external DAC provide a decent sonic upgrade?

If so, could you suggest something I should consider? Hi Andy — yep, an external DAC would lift the sonic level even higher. That said, I think the Audiolab has the edge because it retains a tonal balance but loses nothing in terms of detail and clarity.

HI Paul, thank you for A informative review. The bass lacks power and there is not enough detail. Both get very good reviews, the A considered more accurate and the Brio more musical.

You qualify it as balanced. After reading your review it seems that the A would be better for me. Will 50W RMS be enough to control the s? Could you recommend a device that connects to the network and outputs digital audio, to be connected to the A coaxial or optical ports? The nano PC is located on the same piece of forniture where the amp would be. Can you suggest one? Hi Carlos — the a would drive the speakers ok…but only just.

Doing so would degrade the sound right at that point, negating any sonic benefit you may gain from your quality hifi components. I would look at a specialist streamer. Hello Paul. Hi ionut — that depends on you, to be honest. The stand-mounters will fill your room but if you want commanding bass at high volumes and all of that then, yes, go for the floor standers.

It depends on your expectations and your sonic needs. Is it fare enough to connect it one of the input or need a DAC for more sound quality. If it is then what will be the solution?

Do you see any problems with this? Hi Pete — seems a shame to waste that option. Although a DAC chip is only part of the digital circuit, the later design is recognised as being superior musically to the Just a thought that for those who do not want to use an external DAC the upgrade would further improve the sound quality of the A.

How sure are you that? Their reply was that. Strange, and sad, if this is the case. I would like to kindly ask your opinion regarding a DAC: in case I want it to be just a bit better than the internal A sabre as for now I mainly concern my analog path, just want to be sure I am not going backwards with the digitalcan you suggest an option or a price range where I should look for?

Not a problem Remi — re. Hi Remi — as you like Schiit, I would look there. Another alternative would be iFi. Thanks for a very clear, helpful and thoughtful review. I may add a Sonos Connect as an input.

I assume the A DAC will be superior? Thanks for the review. If each of the three, the Edge paired with a Schiit preamp or similarcan be attained for within a hundred or so USD of each other, is there one you would recommended over the others? It will also provide more power. So, it depends! Techno lust is a strong incentive so run with it. What speakers are you looking at, exactly? So I guess a good point of reference for me is — would the audiolab be able to power the 6ohm elacs comfortably?

I reckon that the A should be able to drive the speakers and I would recommend a demo so that you could be sure that the resultant sound gives you what you want. But if you really want to drive the speakers and also cater for possibly hard to drive home builds, then the power amp will give you that grunt.

As I say, try and grab a demo — some dealers support home demos, which would be even better. Do you see any pairing issues here or would you have any alternative suggestions? Additionally, is wall mounting shelf speakers likely to result in improved listening? Many thanks, Tom. Hi Tom — thanks for your question. There should be no issues with your proposed system so go for it! Hello Paul, sorry to annoy you with the same problem again.

I decided to postpone upgrading my system for at least another year. Which one would you recommend as a better all rounder deal and a better match for the yamaha rn?? Hi ionut — I like the Cabasse, under-rated designs that never seem to get attention no idea why. So either those of the Q Acoustics for me.

If your budget is low, second hand might be a possible option. Any stand mounter will only go so far in terms of low frequencies. Im asking because everybody says they are difficult to drive and require a high power amp. It depends on your budget. Hi Paul, thanks for the reply. Maybe I will be looking for another amp then.

Not sure however in which direction to find a nice amp. By the way, love your reviews! Hi Paul, Thank you for all the great content! But in terms of price there is significant difference. Thanks for your guidance sir! Hi Josh Thanks for your question. Or maybe something else? Hi Goutom — as a basic pairing, without knowing the other variables concerned re.

Let me know how you get on. Hi Paul, thanks for your review. One of the best I have read on Audiolab a. I just bought a and currently reviewing a CD player or transport. I am particularly interested in the following aspects:. Which one would you recommend in the GPB range and will this be a good uplift in the sound quality? Budget up to GBP Thanks, Paul.

It is twice the price of your suggestions but I do hope it will bring a better quality on the table. What would be your suggestion? Hey Paul, thanks for the review! Your choices should be fine though. Hey, thanks for the reply!

Hi McVinnie — ok got it, that sketch was very useful. Recently I am thinking to upgrade my audio. Do you think upgrading N with Audiolab A is a good move? Will I gain significant audio improvement? And finally, do you think Audiolab has other worth consideration competitors in this price range? Recent Cambridge CXA61 was released. Hi Vesper — yes, the move is good and sound quality will improve. What would you regard as an upgrade from the internal phono amp in the a?

Hi Carwyn — thanks for your question. That would depend on your budget. Do you have a figure in mind? Hi Carwyn — indeed, yes. Thank you Paul. I had assumed due to economics that there would be a ceiling where an external phono amp would outperform an internal. And thanks for your page. The Schiit Mani has arrived. You were indeed correct, the light on the front is capable of retina burning.

Some tape as advised has been applied. I am considering the Audiolab A vs the Heed Elixir both of which you rated very highly. Do you have a preference and why? I generally find mid price solid state to lack rich mids, and add an unnatural edge or brightness in place of real detail.

I want to be immersed in the beauty and delicacy of sounds. I want a large airey sounstage in all directions. A beautiful performance should bring tears to my eyes. But I want detail too, not edge. Hi Gary — indeed, I dislike the those sonic elements you listed too. Would you be able to tell me if the A is takes a clinical approach to music, and whether the Heed Elixir takes a soft approach but expresses emotion better?

Which of these 2 amps do you think would fit that description best? Hi Gary — neither are bright. The A is tonally more balanced as it handles bass in a mature fashion. If you were in search of an amplifier in this price range, which of the 2 amps would you buy for yourself, based strictly on sound? Audiolab A or Heed Elixir? They all perform well. I like the Audiolab because of its tonal balance and how it handles bass.

Which one would be your pick? As is, though, the A. Hi Paul, Thank you for your always well-written reviews! I have a question about the A DAC. I was at first leaning toward the Heed Elixir that I tried a few months ago. My two sources are a Pro-Ject turntable and a Bluesound node 2i. Hi Paul, thank you for this review.

It has pushed me to purchase the A arriving today. I love that you take the time to respond to every comment on here!!

I do have a question if I may. My current set up is a 5. Will the Audiolab create a better sound than the Rotel? Will sending the music from Amazon straight to the Audiolab via bluetooth create a better sound than going through the Denon AVR? Thanks again! Thanks Phil and yes, the Audiolab will be better than the Rotel.

You can go further by separating the Bluetooth module and putting that in its own chassis. For example, the Bluesound Streamer which features Bluetooth. It sounds better alone, separated from each other.

When you bundle lots of features inside one chassis, it causes issues such as electrical interference leaks to neighbouring components, veiling sound and lowering sonic quality. Separating those components stops that and improves sound quality.

Just makes me want to spend more on new speakers lol. Thin about the Spendor A1 stand mounts too. Dear Paul, I thoroughly enjoyed your writing about the audiolab a as it reaffirms my own impressions. I enjoyed the rogers previously with my luxman integrated amp, a VAC integrated, and a luxman cl35 pre with a luxkit tube amp. I wanted to try a modern amp for the bt capabilities, remote control, and hopefully the benefits of modern evolved technological advancements.

Thanks for considering my ambiguous question! Honestly the budget would be low if i want to pull the trigger quickly but it could go up to maybe double the value of the a optimistically with the right combination of enthusiasm and peak timing of the spouse approval factor.

Practically speaking the rogers are being used on a bookshelf against a wall in a wide room so small speakers would fit the set-up. If there is a budget pair that could compete or better the rogers that would be great news. If there were a particular set of floor standers or larger bookshelf speakers that were a particularly outstanding pair with the Audiolab though I would consider getting rid of the shelf.

Can I use the a to drive the concept 40? Or should i pair it with a power amp? Anything to recommend for the power amp? Any alternative? Your review and your comments helped to convert my spark to a flirt.

After plenty of listening within this period, I have to admit that the Audiolab A is a great piece of gear! The sound quality is amazing across the spectrum. The bass is pleasantly deep and solid, the mids are mellow and the trebles are really nice, sweet and easy to listen.

In general, I find the sound well-balanced and pleasant, without being boring at all. Comparing it to my previous amp, a Yamaha A-S, the difference is almost chaotic. The Yamaha was making my Kef Qs sounds very bright and tiring to listen to for a long time. The listening fatigue disappeared in total the moment I installed my Audiolab. As soon as possible, I would buy yourself a dedicated Pre to enhance sound quality.

So I would wait until you had the cash for the Power and were within spitting distance of grabbing a Pre. Hello Paul, Could you recommend a good pre-amplifier in this price range instead of using AudiolabA as a pre. I am really confused which one will suit my needs. My plan is to buy a good power amp, or maybe step it up and buy mono blocks. Any suggestions?

Again, what budget do you have for a power? Hello Paul, Thanks for your advice. I figure I could shell out around 1. In this price point which one is better — power or monoblocks. Any suggestions and advice. BTW, I really enjoy watching your reviews, they are informative as well as entertaining.

More power to you:. XTZ is difficult to come by here. I could wait till the pandemic stabilizes and stocks are available or buy something which is available out here and hope it works out well. God Bless Kenny. Just to say I stumbled upon your review last year when I was trying to work out what to purchase within my price range. I do have one question though. Hi Luke — thanks for your comments and yes, the amp will be able to handle your new headphones.

HI Paul, I hope this finds you well. I really enjoyed reading your Audiolab A review, I have always found your write ups very insightful. What are your thoughts on how the A compares to the Cambridge Audio CXA81 particularly in regard to soundstage and bass response? Would the Audiolab be able to drive my NHT 1. I do hope to grab a selection of Cambridge kit in the future, when I get a bit of time, so cannot provide a direct comparison just yet Miguel.

Great Review. I have Q Acoustics i towers along with center channel and side surround — using it in my living room for everyday tv watching, listening to music while cooking, watching some netflix, playing some youtube videos. Running it all with Denon AVR. Wondering to purchase this A — connect as home theater bypass and run the front two i speakers for better stereo listening — Album) they suit well with — I am fan of warm non fatiguing sound.

A real all-rounder, I use it for music and movies too, not need tone or subwoofer, it shakes the room with a pair of Heco Elementa bookshelf loudspeakers.

The power is okay but the sound. Good idea to change? Best regards Peter. Hi Peter, tonally, the A is very balanced and it handles bass very well as it integrates it into the mix, as it where. I wouldnt say that it emphasises any one frequency so if you want bass emphasis, then this might not be for you.

Thank You for reply, as I read on forums the audiolab sound is precise but dry. I not need extra linear-high end or audiophil sound because I listen all kind music not only hi-res or jazz, classical music. Thanks, your posts are great! Best regards Peter from Hungary. Hi Paul — Enjoyed the A review and posts.

I am debating upgrading my int. Setup: I listen to broad range from classical — folk — rock; but not at loud levels. Ortofon 2m bronze cart. Listening room is about 12 x 18 ft with speakers along the long axis. Amp first: Audiolab A is top on my list for a new amp, and thought it would also improve CD playback by connecting Yamaha S over digital. Again, any thoughts on these two for a neophyte with streamed music — or another suggestion?

Do I grill chicken or boil an egg? Hi Peter, yep the A would be ideal Spark Up - Various - Twice Upon A Yesterday (CD you. The N would fit nicely in aesthetic terms with the A, though. Either are perfect choices. I bought the PMN. I also have the music stored on a NAS drive. Obviously there are pros and cons in which way to go.

If you choose the Marantz, you are putting all your eggs in their streaming basket. Even if you are using online streaming services, I suspect the Marantz will be capable for many years to come. It might be worth you taking a look at the PMN, as it does seem to meet you requirements. Thank You but I not need network player, I had great cd collection so my primary source is the cd player. Paul thanks for your confirmation on the A match with my general system — and yes combo with the N would be an aesthetic match.

I live in a rural part of Canada with very little opportunity to access in store demos, and in particular to be able to do pair-wise comparisons between products.

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Retrieved April 19, December 1, Pure Grain Audio. Wall of Sound. December 7, Retrieved December 8, December 15, December 14, Rimas e Batidas in Portuguese. Lists of albums by release date. Categories : albums related lists Lists of albums by release date. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. List of albums released. K-popelectropopdance-pop. SMKT. K-popfolk. YGKT. Pink Season. Metalcorepost-hardcore. Celtic punkfolk punk. Reanimate 3. Dancehip hoppop. Indie rocknew wavesynth-pop. Night People. Hard rockrock and roll. ColumbiaSony Music. Hard rockheavy metal.

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Buddy (27) - Rock Around The Rock (Vinyl), Chili - King Curtis - Hot Sax, Cool Licks (CD), Space Oddity - David Bowie - The Best Of David Bowie 1969 / 1974 (CD), Sorry (Radio Version), 2008 Biggest Hits Megamix - Various - Studio 33 - Party Compilation 25 (CDr), Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - MIdge Ure - Intimate Moments (CD, Album), Act II - Entracte - Georges Bizet - Carmen (CD, Album), Sex U Up Part 3, Two-Faced - Tankard - Two-Faced (Vinyl, LP, Album), Neuer Tag - Eisen - Motorherz (CD, Album), Punk (Original Mix) - Various - Versuz - First Floor Finest (CD), Save The Last Dance For Me - Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band - Who´s Been Covered By The B, Various - Fragile Records E.P. Vol 3. (Vinyl), Just Cant Hate Enough - Under One Flag / Aggressive Threat - I Want You For Hardcore (CD), Fine Time - Yazz - Wanted (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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